About Terri

What would make a busy mom who already works full-time and is involved in various church and community activities decide to become an It Works Independent Distributor? An amazing opportunity! When I first heard of It Works I was a complete skeptic…what in the world is with these crazy wrap things?! However after two of my close friends became distributors, I started to see the value of this company. As I watched lives transformed by these products I knew this was something unique. I jokingly commented that I should start selling, but that comment quickly grew into a possibility. As I turned to God for direction a complete piece about this new attempt came over me. I am such a reserved person who never takes risks. The very idea of becoming a distributor was almost laughable to me, but again this “peace that passes understanding” would confirm within me it was a leap of faith I needed to take. I wholeheartedly believe that God wants to bless me and my family not just financially but in so many ways through this company. Everyday, as customers find products that work for them and I share my story I see a confidence grow within me. It is a confident trust in the Lord. He is my provider, my strength and my song. I am also confident in these products and the possibilities that exist for distributors in this company. I am so glad I decided to become a part of this great adventure!

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