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Abundant Life

Today it hit me. The reality of this recent life-change hit me. All my friends set alarms this morning and went back to work. Summer break is over. I woke up, made my way to the back yard swing and sat in the flower garden talking to Jesus. This is blessing. Blessing that makes my heart well up and brings tears to my eyes.
Two years ago I was headed back to my teaching job leaving my 5 month old with a full time sitter for the first time and feeling so much anxiety it was hard to breathe. With my husband in school full time, I had no choice but to work after my son was born. The demands of being the main income provider, juggling work with a family and the needs of 15 special education students was weighing heavily. Thoughts swirled around in my mind to the point of chaos and I was physically exhausted from the stress and anxiety. I had no idea how I would “get by”. That was my goal. To maintain. To just get through each day.
John 10:10 says the enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy but Christ came that we would have abundant life. Abundant life isn’t just getting by. It’s not maintaining. Abundance does not equal mediocrity. An abundant life is fruitful, overflowing, full of hope, a well-spring of joy. I was not living an abundant life. From the outside all looked well; A house, a car, a husband, a beautiful baby boy and a big furry dog. On the inside I was full of fear, shame, regret, discouragement and this striving to please everyone else. Such a desire to please everyone that I kept my feelings to myself so not to be a burden. I was a hot mess to say the least.
6 weeks of pastoral counseling and discovering centering prayer helped me refocus my eyes on Jesus and away from my feelings which were growing to monstrous proportions the more I worried over them. Slowly and daily the more I focused on the Lord, the less fear I felt. I began to deal with the rot that was at the root of my feelings. The stressors in my life had triggered the anxiety but there were deep places of hurt that needed healing before I could move on. Time was a healing balm and rest was what I needed. I started spending time each day with the Lord. In quiet. Just focusing on his presence and listening. As I moved from fear to freedom I felt like there was more God had in store, I just didn’t know what.
8 months later God brought It Works into our lives. God brings the opportunity. It’s when you meet it with determination and perseverance that the possibilities are endless. We needed this. We needed it financially and I was desperate for a change. I discovered a product called Confianza. I had been against taking prescription medication for anxiety and liked the idea of something all natural. It was perfect for me. It calmed those swirling thoughts so I could fully focus on God’s presence. I felt like I could finally “be still” enough to know that He is God. I poured myself into time with the Lord every morning and poured all the energy he gave me into my family and this business. Within 3 months, I realized what we had our hands on and knew this could be my ticket home.
Less than 16 months after starting this business, I was able to call my principal and say, “I will not be returning this school year”. This is abundant life. Not because of the income, but because of what it brings. There is nothing greater than complete freedom! This is life lived outside the box and a greater potential to be led wherever God chooses. We no longer limit ourselves to the idea of one job, one location or one path. Anything is possible!
John 10:10 Psalm 46:10


There are some transformations that can not be seen, only known. A year ago I started my It Works business but before I made that leap I had just walked through one of the darkest valleys of my life. Most would not have known because I wore a smile and played the part of a happy new mommy, but inside I was going through a fierce spiritual battle. I was suffering from extreme fear and anxiety. Just getting through each day was a victory in and of itself. When the opportunity for this business presented itself, I thought there was no way I could do it. I could barely keep it together as it was. Yet, as I sought the Lord, I felt a peace and a need to pursue this business. I said yes. I took the step forward and through that one trust step the Lord has strengthened each step that followed. He has brought a new way of trust into our relationship and created a change within me that is unparalleled to any work in my life prior. He has used this business to take what was weak and make it strong, to take fear of the unknown and create a confident trust in him. By stepping out of what was known into the unknown, I was forced to rely completely and solely on God alone. This faith walk has changed my life and my relationship with the Lord. I will be forever grateful for this transformation.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


Because I believe passion drives this business, I want to take a moment to be completely transparent about the source of my passion. A little over a year ago I went back to work full time after having my son. I was suffering from some “baby blues” and serious anxiety. I don’t mean I was stressed, I mean I was nearly paralyzed by the weight of fear and anxiety within me. Several outside stressors were impacting it. My husband had just got out of the army and was going back to school so we had lost an income and added a child. The financial stress combined with a new baby in the house was detrimental to our marriage and it was literally crumbling apart. I felt like everything around me was in pieces and I had nothing to hold onto. Moreover, I was laden with guilt. I felt guilty about leaving my baby, even though I had no choice and was carrying a weight of guilt and shame from my past. I knew God could pull me out of this pit but I could barely lift my eyes to Him to ask for help. Worse, I didn’t feel worthy of his help! I finally met with my pastor for counseling and little by little I started to feel the upward spiral of hope within me. I began spending more time quietly in God’s presence and eventually I stopped spinning and striving and let him take control. He began to open my eyes to the freedom of his grace and I was able to rest in him, letting my fears subside. The outside stressors were still there and my family was still counting on me to be the sole source of income. I never dreamed It Works would be the answer to many prayers and the tool God would use to pull me out of the pit I was in. I felt his peace about starting this journey even though I was overwhelmed by the thought of adding one more thing to my already busy life. In March 2013 I took the leap of faith with a goal of making enough each month to help us make ends meet. God had bigger plans. He has used this company not only to change my family’s financial future but to bring me closer to him. I have no idea how to run a business or lead a team. Seriously, none. Everything I do is God working through me. He amazes me everyday. When you work outside of your own ability you open the door for his spirit to use you in mighty ways. I can’t take a breath without God giving it to me. During those dark days in the pit, I realized my need for him. Even making dinner for my family was a monumental task. Now I need him more and more everyday and am caught up in the overflow of his blessings. I know trials will come but his sweet presence will be with me still and I will have another victory to share. Whatever your story, shout it from the rooftops! Let your passion drive you and watch where it takes you!