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Abundant Life

Today it hit me. The reality of this recent life-change hit me. All my friends set alarms this morning and went back to work. Summer break is over. I woke up, made my way to the back yard swing and sat in the flower garden talking to Jesus. This is blessing. Blessing that makes my heart well up and brings tears to my eyes.
Two years ago I was headed back to my teaching job leaving my 5 month old with a full time sitter for the first time and feeling so much anxiety it was hard to breathe. With my husband in school full time, I had no choice but to work after my son was born. The demands of being the main income provider, juggling work with a family and the needs of 15 special education students was weighing heavily. Thoughts swirled around in my mind to the point of chaos and I was physically exhausted from the stress and anxiety. I had no idea how I would “get by”. That was my goal. To maintain. To just get through each day.
John 10:10 says the enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy but Christ came that we would have abundant life. Abundant life isn’t just getting by. It’s not maintaining. Abundance does not equal mediocrity. An abundant life is fruitful, overflowing, full of hope, a well-spring of joy. I was not living an abundant life. From the outside all looked well; A house, a car, a husband, a beautiful baby boy and a big furry dog. On the inside I was full of fear, shame, regret, discouragement and this striving to please everyone else. Such a desire to please everyone that I kept my feelings to myself so not to be a burden. I was a hot mess to say the least.
6 weeks of pastoral counseling and discovering centering prayer helped me refocus my eyes on Jesus and away from my feelings which were growing to monstrous proportions the more I worried over them. Slowly and daily the more I focused on the Lord, the less fear I felt. I began to deal with the rot that was at the root of my feelings. The stressors in my life had triggered the anxiety but there were deep places of hurt that needed healing before I could move on. Time was a healing balm and rest was what I needed. I started spending time each day with the Lord. In quiet. Just focusing on his presence and listening. As I moved from fear to freedom I felt like there was more God had in store, I just didn’t know what.
8 months later God brought It Works into our lives. God brings the opportunity. It’s when you meet it with determination and perseverance that the possibilities are endless. We needed this. We needed it financially and I was desperate for a change. I discovered a product called Confianza. I had been against taking prescription medication for anxiety and liked the idea of something all natural. It was perfect for me. It calmed those swirling thoughts so I could fully focus on God’s presence. I felt like I could finally “be still” enough to know that He is God. I poured myself into time with the Lord every morning and poured all the energy he gave me into my family and this business. Within 3 months, I realized what we had our hands on and knew this could be my ticket home.
Less than 16 months after starting this business, I was able to call my principal and say, “I will not be returning this school year”. This is abundant life. Not because of the income, but because of what it brings. There is nothing greater than complete freedom! This is life lived outside the box and a greater potential to be led wherever God chooses. We no longer limit ourselves to the idea of one job, one location or one path. Anything is possible!
John 10:10 Psalm 46:10

The Great Unknown

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Something incredible happens when we step out of our known into the unknown of God’s plan for us; we start to trust fully in His will. Operating outside of your comfort zone opens the door for God to do amazing things. You truly become a vessel to be used by Him. When I started this business I had no idea God would use it to draw me into that type of relationship with Him. As it has grown, I have grown and changed as well. The remarkable dynamic is that as the business grows larger, I feel smaller. There is a sacred type of worship that comes from sensing your smallness in comparison to God’s greatness. I stand in awe of who he is and his omniscient ways. I heard one of the leaders in our company say, “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” This couldn’t ring more true in my life right now. I was not equipped in any manner to run a business. I was a mommy and a teacher with a degree in special education. I knew service and sacrifice and I had a strong desire to help others. I never dreamed God would use those qualities for something like this but he has. He has taken this to a level I would have never imagined and it just continues to grow. If this be only for a season, I am so grateful; so incredibly thankful for being called to be part of it. God is able; more than able to do marvelous works in your life. Step out of everything you have come to know as safe and recognizable in this world and open yourself up to the possibilities that await with our God of transformation. He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Welcome to abundant life in the great unknown.

John 10:10