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A year ago today in my journal I wrote “I couldn’t sleep last night and as I laid awake I thought about my friend Krista getting that $10,000 bonus from It Works and instead of praising you, I felt jealous. Forgive me. Thank you Lord for reminding me that you have given various blessings to each of us at different times. Thank you for the peace you’ve placed in my life. May I never take your gifts for granted or be envious of someone else’s blessing. You are sovereign. You’ve already made all the provision I need and I trust you Lord.” February 3, 2013.

Little did I know in June, I would receive that same $10,000 bonus from It Works. I didn’t even see this business as an option for me then. Krista was at home with her kids so it seemed right for her but I was working full time and just couldn’t see myself doing something like this. I had no idea what God had in store! I didn’t know “my time” was coming.

We NEVER know what could be just around the next turn! God has our path planned before we even enter into this world. He is sovereign and he is only good.

He continues to dazzle me everyday!!!!

Psalm 18:30, Jeremiah 1:5