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The Adventure Begins

Every adventure begins with one step. One decision. The decision to make it happen. The decision to begin. Each day we take actions that affect the course of our lives. Every decision leads to a destination. Some steps we take without any conscious effort, like deciding I want a coffee.  I make Starbucks my destination then I start the car, drive in the direction of Starbucks and behold, I obtain the goal and enjoy victory as I sip on my over-priced cup of java. Mission accomplished.  Other steps require decisions that are hard to make.  Do I accept this job offer or look for another one?  What should be my major be in college?  Where should I send my kids to school? Is this the man I should marry?  Which church should we attend?  Every day, from the household budget to the oil change, we make decisions that impact our lives.  Sometimes the smallest decision, can make the biggest impact.

I remember standing in my kitchen just a little less than two years ago trying to decide if I should take the step to give this new business thing a try.  I wasn’t into sales and certainly wasn’t looking to add one more thing to my already overfilled schedule.  But I just couldn’t shake it.  I kept thinking about it.  The “what if” was lingering in my mind and I had this sense of urgency.  I told my husband, “I just don’t want to look back a year from now and think, I wish I would have started then”.  I could see the potential with this opportunity, I just wasn’t certain what was possible was possible for me.  After all, I was a teacher not a business person.  The next day I sat at the desk in my classroom looking at the computer screen with the little start-up kit.  All I had to do was click submit.  Submit.  That’s a hard word!  There are two forms of the word “submit” by definition.  One is to “accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person” Eh, yeah not exactly a warm fuzzy when I read that one.  The other definition is, “present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment”.  Umm, not much better.  Submit.  It sounds so final.  And goodness sakes there is authority and judgment involved.  Yes, life would just be better without that submit button.  Yet, there it is; a gateway to the other side. A ticket to the unknown.

Curiousity will always get the best of me and I refuse to be left out of something.  I’m too nosey.  Yes, I am the friend that opens your cabinets when I’m in there using the bathroom.   So there I was. D-day. Decision day, with the submit button and all its authority and judgment staring me down.  Should I walk away or just click it?  What if I can’t do this? What if I fail?  What if the whole thing falls apart and I become the laughing stock of everything?  Oh my!  Pray.  That’s what I needed.  In this moment of decision with my reputation on the line, I needed to pray. STAT!  So I did.  I don’t remember if the students were in the room or not, but I told my assistant I needed some God time and I went to the one place of solace in a school building, the restroom.  I sat in the tile sanctuary and asked God to show me what to do.  I knew there was no way in the world I had time for one more thing but I needed a change in my life.  I needed the peace to either jump or walk away.  Either way, I needed to submit.  I needed to submit to Him.  To His crazy, mysterious, bigger-than-me ways and know that if God was presenting something to me, I didn’t need to question the outcome.  Whatever He had for me would be revealed in His time.  So often we think we control the outcome by the decisions we make.  We’re so afraid to “step out of God’s will” and make the wrong decision but Psalm 37:23 tells us our steps are established by God and He knows the plans he has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).  What then do we have to fear?  Will God not provide a way out?  Make another way for us?  A good pastor friend of mine once said, “People are so afraid of making the wrong decisions in life, but God corrects our path.  He leads us along to learn from every choice me make.”  Wow.  That relieves so much pressure.  No matter what, God was going to use my life for good.  He would continue to offer choices and options that ultimately would lead me along the path he had for me.  After all, this is GOD we are talking about; The one who never leaves me or forsakes me (Deuteronomy 31:8).  With that peace in mind and my real submission to the One who makes my path straight (Proverbs 11:5), what did I have to lose?  Why not at least try and see if this crazy business thing might help me out?  Why not see if it really was as life changing as everyone made it out to be?  So I clicked the button. I took one tiny step.  It is better to try something and find out another path is better than do nothing and become immobile.  My life was never going to change if I didn’t take the chance to at least try.

Two years later and I can honestly say clicking that button was the best decision toward my destination. I no longer work in that classroom, I get to stay at home with my son and do the things I am most passionate about.  I’m still not a business person.  I help people and I change lives and for some crazy reason I make a great deal of income doing it. I never would have guessed all this was on the other side of that submit button.